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Features :


1.Aluminium frame with good heat conduction.       
2.Different driver option: CE driver, UL driver, dimmable driver
3.Matched with constant current driver. CE approval.       
4.Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high luminous efficacy.       
5.Instant start, no flickering, no humming       
6.No electric wave.       
7.Installation way: recessed, mounted or suspended by fixing bracket on the back.       
8.Working Temperature:-20degree~40degree 
9 Emergency battery can choose    
10.Warranty: 3 years 



















Learn more about the difference of qualified led panel light.

Our LED Panel 300x300mm 18w has high luminous intensity and efficiency. We are top ranking manufacturer in China and we provide the same quality LED panel with th lowest price. We provide at least 3-year warranty

Features of LED Panel 300x300mm 18w

First of all, the panel is energy saving. In comparison with traditional panels, it can help save 55%-70% electricity cost.

Second, anti-shock, and anti-moisture

Third, we provide professional thermal management

Fourth, there is no noise, no flickering and no UV or IR radiation in the beam

Fifth, instant on and there is no warm up time
Sixth, easy to install and eco-friendly.

The lifespan of the LED Panel 300x300mm 18w can reach 50000H, which is almost 50 times than traditional incandescent lamp and halogen lamp. It is maintenance free and can save your cost actually. The panel emits 10 times lumen flux than incandescent light and 2 times than CFL, so it is energy saving and eco-friendly actually.

There is no need to worry about frequently turn on or off since it has instant soft start and there is no flickering. And it is much safer than other lights. We adopt the cold LED lighting source and the temperature of the LED panel surface is less than 20°C. It can be a good choice to replace traditional modular light fittings and it can be widely used into office, workplace, classroom, bank, company and so forth.

Shanghai Leiqiong is a private enterprise that specializes in LED tube and LED flood light products development, production, sales and service.

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